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Confined space entry attendant (safety officer)

Employees of environment agency, national waterway agency, industrial companies, etc. that are frequently required to enter confined spaces and / or to perform work in confined spaces.

The course confined space entry attendant, also called safety officer, consists of a part theory and a large part of practice. During this training the students is taught how to supervise persons working in a confined space and how to act in the event of an emergency situation. Topics covered in the training include: laws and regulations, what is a confined space and what are the dangers. Furthermore reading and filling out work permits, the do's and don'ts of a entry attendant and rules regarding the use of electrical equipment in a confined space. Also reading measurement values on gas detection equipment, communicating with the entrant and how to act in the event of an emergency situation. The course will be concluded with a theory and a practical examination.

1 day

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