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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Persons who work with chemicals and/or in (confined) spaces that have a dangerous atmosphere. For example: areas with toxic substances or (remains of) ionerte gasses. The training is also done by persons who have to carry out rescue missons in confined spaces. Thinking of members of the BHV-team or members of a rescue team. This course is not intended to learn how to use a self contained breathing apparatus during extinguishing work.

In this course, students learn what threatens the breathing and how to prevent this from happening. This course we learn the anatomy of the respiratory system, laws and regulations, and the difference between dependent and independent breathing aparatus. In the practical part the student learns how to prepare the self contained breathing apparatus, experianís the feeling of a breath deficiency and by controlling your breathing it is easy to prevent. Furthermore, there will be, in pairs of 2, a number of practical task will wearing a self contained breathing apparatus. Besides working with a self contained breathing apparatus we use a supplied air respirator (SAR) is in this course.

2 days

Entry requirements:
A medical approval and minimum 18 years.

Rescue 3 Benelux or SSVV exam

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